Friday, 25 February 2011


... a humble beginning on Dasara,10th October, 1989 - Shree Hospital introduced the concept of Multispeciality facilities and Diagnostic services, under one roof, in Kalyan.Over the years, we have constantly strived to upgrade, enhance and expand our facilities to reach out to one and all in Kalyan and its nearby areas.
We have extended our diagnostic centres to Agra Road, Kalyan (Prasad Imaging Centre) and Khadakpada, Kalyan (Omkar Imaging Centre), in an effort to bring our diagnostic facilities nearer to your home.
We have recently renovated our entire hospital, expanding our ICU to 5 beds & upgrading our OT with state-of-the-art C-Arm and Endoscopy facility.Ours is the first Digital X-Ray Clinic in Kalyan and this facility has been extended to all our other centres.
The trust shown by all our patients, over the past many years has inspired us to dream BIG. The constant support of our team of consultants, doctors and staff has given us the strength to realize our dreams.
We believe -
Our patients are our 'Brand Ambassadors !'
     Our journey continues....
   constantly striving to provide you the best
of healthcare services!

Dr. Sanjay Y. Godbole                                                            Dr. Sujata S. Godbole


8th March is International Women’s Day… a day we celebrate the importance of women, and re- iterate their priceless value, in the world of today. One of the major areas of concern in the women’s health scenario is the rising rate of breast cancer, and the lack of awareness associated with it. With this context in mind, and in continuum with our motto, “ we care…” ,the Shree Hospital family is honoured to invite you, to a grand spectacle of awareness and insights-   
on Wed, 9th March, 4.30 to 7.30pm
              at Acharya Atre Rangamandir, Kalyan(West)                                    
Panel Discussion on “Breast cancer”
Well known Oncologist from Mumbai- Dr.  Boman Dhabhar & a team of eminent consultants.
Special Celebrity Guests--“Amhi sarv kavaiye” fame- Rani  Gunaji
                                      “Anubandh” fame- Seema Deshmukh
A stage presentation of Zee– Award  winning Experimental Play  
                             “Ek Rikami Baju” (Marathi ) based on Breast Cancer.
                   Shree Hospital has always felt indebted to all patients and well wishers for their trust in its care. With this programme, we would like to take healthcare beyond the premises of our hospital and spread awareness on the issue of breast cancer. Please help us spread the word around, to avail of this first of its kind awareness event in Kalyan!